Game Design

Students only take one elective per semester at the ETC, and Jesse Schell‘s Game Design course has to be the most popular by far.  This is the one class that had a significant lecture portion to it, but that’s not to say it didn’t feature a lot of hands on projects.  We created all kinds of new games and even had to put together proposals and studio plans and pitch game ideas to industry vets.

My favorite assignment was to create a tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG) a la Dungeons and Dragons.  I set the expectation that my game was about counselors at a summer camp trying to find true love (read: lose their v-cards).  However, shortly into the experience I turned the tables on my players and revealed that the game was actually a survival horror experience that would do an 80s slasher flick justice.

You can download copies of the Game Script and Post Mortem by clicking these links.

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