Visual Story

Visual Story was the filmmaking portion of the ETC Boot Camp.  Like BVW, it was a class built on group-based projects and also like BVW, the focus was on final products, technique and style, with very little time spent on technical instruction.  With my undergrad background, I immediately took a leadership role not only within my team, but within the entire class.  I was the go-to guy for help with the Adobe Creative Suite video software (Premiere and most importantly After Effects).  If you needed a certain visual effect, I could tell you how to achieve it.  Here is our team’s introductory promo video:

Below is one of our final projects, a music video for The Mars Volta’s Cygnus Vismund Cygnus. You can read the script/design doc here. Hindsight being 20-20, I wish we had selected a song that was less than 14 minutes long…

Because of my leadership role in the class, I was asked to cut together a highlight reel from all of the teams’ projects from the whole semester to be shown at the BVW show.

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