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Hey Mark!

I’ve thrown together some examples for you to take a look at. Enjoy!!!

Here are some mock ups for a site redesign I did for an auto dealership group in Alabama.




Here are a few social post images for a flooring retailer in Atlanta.

CSHL social 3-1


Tarra Jones job

Poly vs Nylon

Here are some images from the same company’s blog.

CSHL Blog 3-2


CSHL Blog 4-1

CSHL Blog 4-2You can also check out some of the slider images for one of my clients here in Savannah at: http://www.hhcofsavannah.com/. I did the photography and editing for these as well. I’ll paste a few more below.
Kelly 2Kelly 1Here’s a little more photo work. These are from an engagement shoot I did in Atlanta.

KierfinkelEngagement (87 of 211)KierfinkelEngagement (90 of 211)KierfinkelEngagement (2 of 211)

Here’s an example of some video work/motion graphics design I did for a defense contractor in Philly.

Are these the kinds of things you’re looking for? Just for fun, here are a couple of photoshop jobs I did for my wife last year.
Pudding the MagnificentRosco the GreatYou can find some more about my background at: http://www.bradmichael.com/professional/experience/ including links to the PDFs of those mock-ups at the top. A lot of my professional work was done in the Defense Industry, so I don’t have a lot of visuals that I can share from that time. I can however, talk about some of those projects and my roles on them if you have any questions (there’s some information on that link above, too).

Additionally, you can see some of the interactive projects I did in Grad School at Carnegie Mellon here: http://www.bradmichael.com/academic/grad-school/

Please let me know if you’ve got any questions!



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