I hold a Master of Entertainment Technology degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. The MET is a terminal degree that is a joint offering from the Schools of Computer Science and Fine Arts. It prepared me for a role leading software/hardware projects and serving as a bridge between technical and creative approaches and teams. I honed my skills over the last 3½ years working in the Defense Industry in a variety of R&D and multimedia/web projects.

Although I’ve done everything from project management to web design to motion graphic design and video production, my best asset is my ability to walk the broad line between artist and engineer, designer and coder, and deliver final products that function as well as they look.

I’m a bit of a Brad of all Trades. I’ve done all kinds of different things and I’m excited to keep doing new things. I don’t want to rest until I’ve done it all!

My career goal is to always keep growing, always keep learning, always keep adding new skills to my swiss army brain.

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