Here is the Skills Profile from my résumé.  I’ll expand on each point below:

  • Small team leadership and project management
  • Interactive experience design (web/game/etc)
  • Technical and creative writing
  •  Video production, editing and effects
  • 2D Art production & photography
  • General written, visual and interpersonal communication

Small team leadership and project management

I list this first because I feel it is my best skill.  I am at my best working for a small team, providing creative and logistical support to a project.  Notice I used the words “working for” and “support” here.  I’ve learned that being a good leader doesn’t mean barking orders to underlings.  It means making yourself available to do whatever needs to be done, and crafting and scoping a project in such a way that best empowers your team to meet project requirements and goals.

Interactive experience design (web/game/etc)

For me, interactive experiences are the best kind.  I can be a very good passive audience, but I much prefer to get hands on with things in life!  This means that I know that the key to a great interactive experience is right there in the interaction.  And for me, interaction is all about creating meaningful choices for your audience.  Things like storytelling should never fall to just plain old passive exposition if you can find a way to allow the audience to tell the story through their own actions! Even if it’s just a simple website, you need to create a structure that will allow your guests to find the information they are looking for by making intuitive choices.  I like to think of interactive design as an exercise in creating great choices for my audience to make.

Technical and creative writing

Writing is one of my greatest passions, and always has been.  Even as a kid, I loved to write.  Something in my brain just loves to tell stories.  And these can be stories of all kinds; I can just as easily write about evil sorceresses and prophesied heroes as returns-on-investments, competitive landscapes and technology forecasts.  I certainly enjoy writing genre fiction more than most other topics, but for me the technique is the same;  I have information that needs to get to from my brain to someone else’s, and I’m going to find the best way to make that happen.

Video production, editing and effects

I look at video as just another medium for storytelling, albeit, a very powerful one.  The combination of moving imagery and audio is one of the best ways to elicit a response from your audience.  Over the years, I’ve learned to do it all when it comes to video work.  From pre-production planning, to on-location filming to post production editing and visual effects, I’m a one man video wrecking crew.

 2D Art production & photography

I think I might be among the last generation of photographers that learned to shoot using a film camera (remember those?).  Because developing film was difficult (and all that film started to get expensive), composition was lesson number one.  This is something that I haven’t forgotten today, and it’s carried over to my work with other kinds of 2D media.  From texture maps to abstract paintings to promo posters, I know that art is just one more way to tell a story.

General written, visual and interpersonal communication

In this day and age, communication is everything.  You can have the best idea in the world, but if you can’t communicate it clearly, it’s worthless.  This means you have to be able to express yourself effectively across a broad spectrum of interactions.  Email, IM, text message, phone call, video chat and the ever popular in person forms of communication are all crucial to keeping the wheels turning.  I pride myself in my ability to communicate openly and honestly, not only in my professional world but in my personal life as well.


And here’s a list of other stuff I’m good at:

  1. Staying positive
  2. Being supportive
  3. Listening to feedback
  4. Being flexible
  5. Learning new things
  6. Operating outside of my comfort zone
  7. Providing constructive criticism
  8. Making lists :)

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